Accord Soloist Shaped Violin Case

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vln-acs$1,225.00Exterior:  Interior: 
This model is based on a classically designed standard interior. Basic model includes the following: - standard interior - All Accord's standard color options except silver metallic - high-gloss finish - two back and shoulder straps - 1 lock latch and 1 combination lock

Weight 2,2 kg (4,8 lbs) size For irregularly sized violins, please provide specific measurements so Accord can make a custom sized case

Interior - Suede-like material used for decoration interior - Customized to fit your instrument - The sides of shells padded with diverse density foam which makes for maximum security of the instrument - Four boholdres - Large accessory compartment

This case qualifies for free shipping! To receive free shipping enter the code 2010 into the coupon section during checkout!

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