Arcus S8 Viola Bow

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Arcus S8: Gold 585 Mountings, Pearl Eye, Gold/Black Lapping

Arcus S-Series bows - Ideal for solos. Radical virtuosity, perfect projection and incredible power. Their brilliant spectrum suits all well balanced instruments and makes darker sounding instruments sing like never before.

The S-Series are:

super-light super-strong, super-fast brilliant sound

With a mass of only about 68 grams, these bows are vastly more maneuverable than any “normal” cello bow. Their much stronger sticks make it possible to use the full potential of all modern strings with either steel or synthetic cores.

Too many cellists sooner or later experience discomfort or even pain in their right thumb, wrist or elbow. The strong forces and vibrations of a cello bow can lead to many different complications. By changing to an Arcus bow, the lower mass and the “missing” low frequency vibrations result in a total relief and relaxation of the bow arm. This doesn’t only feel good for the musician, but is also visible and audible to a knowledgeable auditorium.

The instant response and the beautiful and strong sound affords flexible and easy playing with plenty of freedom in the interpretation.

The S-bows with round sticks are the primary choice for the majority of cellists. Their low mass enables greater agility over the strings, while at the same time they feel stable. Their sound is brilliant and full of fascinating colours.

The octagonal S-bows are more agile and lively.

About classifications:

Our basic class-3 bows will already outperform pretty much every other composite bow. The class-4 bows are a match for very high quality wood bows. The finest wood bows we have ever experienced in competition with an Arcus bow could sometimes equal a class-5, but rarely a class-6 bow. The 7- to 9-category bows pull a sound sweeter and more powerful than anything else ever put to a string.

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