Brack Violin Case - 1.9 kg

New Violin-Cases for Professionals Our violin case is in sandwich material like the cello case, so it is extremely lightweight (1,9 kg)and strong at the same time. It protects your valuable instrument safely from heat and cold, and also provides optimal crash protection. The lockable attaché closures guarantee fast and troublefree handling.

Our Violin Case is made as the cello case in the Sandwichverfahren method and is therefore very easy. Despite its lightweight construction, it has a high intrinsic stability. It protects your valuable instrument safe from heat and cold, while providing an optimal crash protection. The lockable attaché closures ensure quick, easy and effortless handling.

* Leather handle

* Bow mount

* Music Compartment

* Anthracite colored lining

* All parts are screwed and can be replaced individually

* Standard colors: White, Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Black, and corresponding metallic effects

* New: flip-flop colors

* Option: On request, all colors can be realized

Leather handle Bow holder Pocket for sheet music Box inside Inside foam in anthracite All components are screwed on and easily replaceable

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