Gewa Idea Plus Fiberglass - Cello Case

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Gewa Idea Plus Fiberglass Cello Case vc-gw1$847.50colors:  Type: 
This Cello case is one of the best seller around the world. Made of high quality fiberglass reenforced synthetic resin with velour inside. It has 2 handles, 4 special Gewa latches, padded back and frame, suspension system for the instrument, leather strap with neck protection, aluminium endpin holder, 2 bow holders, 2 carying straps. (The colors on the picture are not exactly the same as on the case).

IF YOU FIND ANY ITEM WE SELL, FOR A LOWER ADVERTISED PRICE, WE WILL MATCH THE LOWER PRICE. ( Tell us about it in the comments section of your order ). Interior dimensions: 14 upper bout 17.5 lower bout 50 interior length.

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