Gostring, Eclipse. Deluxe. Carbon Fiber Case

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Gostring, Eclipse. DELUXE. Carbon Fiber Case GSEDCFC$1,199.00
This case is not the cheaper version made in China.

Only 8.2 lbs. Central lock system: you could close the case with one touch. Able to withstand the full weight of a mid-sized person. With metal clips in the back to attach straps.

1. Strongest: The case is made of whole piece high-tech carbon-fiber on the case and the lid. The carbon fiber is died under technology of high temperature and high pressure. The machine which produces the carbon fiber was used in space industry. It's the strongest case we have ever seen comparing to all other cases in the market.

2. Central-Lock System: The unique Central-Lock-System on CS-800 has 5 locks which can be unlocked with one handle. There is a safety device on the handle to ensure the case will not be accidentally unlocked.

3. Color: Dark grey (original color of carbon fiber) is the only color available.

4. Weight: Only 3.3 kg (7.27 lbs).

5. Lining: Flannelette and thermal insulation material, dark grey color. With a 6" x 6" accessory bag.

6. Bow holder: 2 cello bows can be carried inside the case.

7. Accessory: A pair of backpack straps included.

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