Grey Flannel Hightech Oblong viola case: 5201GF

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Haute Couture

Details materials Waranty

Weight : 2,9 kg Inside dimensions : Total Length: 76 cm Body Length: 43 cm

Upper bout: 28 cm Lower bout: 28 cm Outside dimensions : 79x29x20 cm Inside Features :

Suspension of the instrument on injected foam cushions 1 removable accessory pocket featuring a "Bam l'original" embroidered silk logo 4 bow holders Strap for a "Kun" style shoulder rest Length adjustable until 41,5cm

Outside Features :

Shells made of the Bam Hightech technique : a tripleply structure made of high performance materials (ABS, Airex foam, another type of ABS) fitted in an ultra light Grey Flannel fabric cover. Outstanding protection and ultralight weight 2 comfortable neoprene antislip backpack straps with security screw hooks Side handle Subway handle Male/female airtight seal providing excellent airtightness, under a zipper Music sheet back pocket

Color : Grey Flannel

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