Korg Griptune, Clip on tuner. Chromatic

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Scale 12-note equal temperament (A4=440Hz) Range (sine wave) A0 (27.50 Hz) C8 (4,186 Hz) Precision +/-1 cent Battery Life Approximately 17 hours (tuner continuously operating, A4 input) Dimensions (W x D x H) 43 x 29 x 24 mm / 1.69" x 1.14" x 0.94" Weight 13 g / 0.46 oz. (including battery) Included Items CR2032 lithium battery (3V) x 1 (for verifying operation)

An innovative clamp that allows attachment to the headstock of your guitar. Can be attached to the headstock of nearly any instrument, from an electric guitar to a classical guitar. Ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight design weighs just 13 grams (0.46 oz). Supports your tuning with a highly visible display screen. The adjustable angle of the display section allows it to be positioned for easy visibility. Reverse function lets you invert the vertical orientation of the meter display. Auto power-off function.

The clip that attaches the tuner to the headstock of your guitar uses a clamp mechanism that can easily be attached. This allows you to tune in a natural way without obstructing your performance. Since the clip can be opened to a range of 1422 mm (0.55"0.87"), it can be attached to a wide variety of instruments ranging from electric guitars to classical guitars.

Among the many KORG tuners, the GripTune is the lightest and smallest; it fits easily into the pocket of your guitar case for easy portability. You can leave it attached to the headstock of your guitar, and tune in a natural position. Ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight, weighing just 13 grams (0.46 oz)

Despite its small size, the screen provides a large note name display for easy tuning even on a dimly lit stage. You can also adjust the angle of the display section, and use the Reverse function to invert the vertical orientation of the meter; this means that you can attach the tuner to either the front or back of the headstock and tune with ease. The GripTune allows for accurate and discrete tuning in any situation.

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