Lightweight & Rigid Cocoon Cello Bag

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The Cocoon case is a thickly- padded soft case with a rigid shell. It is economical, compact, light at just 8 pounds. When you open the case you will notice a grommeted hole for the endpin, which will protrude. There are two bow holders, an accessory pocket and two movable foam pads. We have one under the neck and the other under the scroll. Make sure your cello is no deeper back-to-bridge than 10.5" or your bridge will hit the lid. Weight: 12 lbs. with wheels and 9.1/2 lbs. whithout wheels.

This is a viable option for 7/8 cellos in addition to 4/4. Please do not try to stand this case up; it will be resting on its endpin, not the case bottom. Like soft bags it may roll when placed on its side, but the bridge is more protected due to the shell.

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