PSR. PSR Plus, PSR original, PSR Komfort. Shoulder Rest for Violin and Viola and 1/4 to 1/8 violins

PSR is the "perfect shoulder rest". Made of Foam. And has a rigid backing.

PSR Plus has extra curve over shoulder.

Komfort Kurve is like a PSR, but it's thicker and has also the rigid backing.

* The PSR provides a comfortable fit without raising the chin rest too high into the studentís neck. * Patent Design Curve (Patent Number: SN 11/517,636) guides proper direction of shoulder rest. At last, beginning students will attach their shoulder rest correctly! * The wider foam in the front goes over the collarbone and assists the student with good posture. * The PSR will not fall off! It is secured with an ultra thin synthetic non-latex elastic band that will not dry out and crack and which EASILY slides under the "end gut." * The PSR has a laminate back that will minimize shifting during performance. * Fits conveniently inside the case over the scroll of your instrument. It is scratch resistant to protect the shine of your instrument. * The ONE SIZE PSR fits 1/2 to Full-Size Violins and 12" to Full-Size Violins and Violas, and it's affordable!

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