Pedi violin case P320 Streamliner

Pedi violin case P320 Streamliner pp-32$495.00order: 
The new Streamliner case is more than a step above our best-selling 11100 series. It weighs a bit over 5lbs and features the patented Steel ShieldŽ design for added strength. Coupled with incredible thermal insulation, water resistance, and shock absorption provided by the unique shell-layering technique, this case sets a new standard in the world of case design. It has all of the standard features like suspension system, removable shoulder strap, digital hygrometer/thermometer, large music pocket, and Pedi's signature concealed backpack straps. On the small details front, the zippers are high quality, custom-made by YKK. Handles are designed to last yet soft-to-touch. Anything that touches your body while carrying is padded. The balance in upright position is perfect. The bow holders feature a soft leather bracket and memory-foam like cushion around the tip, holding the bows securely but gently while keeping unwanted rattle away. For an extra piece of mind, it even comes standard with a varnish-safe satin violin jacket. In short, the new "Streamliner" has a lot to offer, especially when compared to similarly priced cases

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