Pirastro Korfkerrest Shoulder Rest

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Pirastro Korfkerrest Shoulder Rest kkr-02$297.00
It has taken 7 years for PIRASTRO to develop this extraordinary shoulder rest. Together with the prominent violinist Berent Korfker, the PIRASTRO KorfkerRest arised which enters new dimensions relating to the free development of the instrument sound.

Innovative shoulder rest made of individually bendable tonewood for optimal comfort.

Offers various and very precise adjustments in height and inclination.

Extends the dynamic range of your instrument.

Creates a greater variety of expression possibilities.

Freer development of sound through minimal use of damping materials.

Adaptable to every shoulder.

Extremely light made of high quality maple.

The design emphasizes the timeless elegance of the violin.

Weight only ca. 30 g.

After the individual adjustment of the rest a simple hardening of the wood by heating it in the oven or microwave is possible.

Description, accessories and spare parts for the shoulder rest are included:

Operating instructions, Torx-wrench, 2 rubber pads, 4 sandpaper sheets, protective bag for storage

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