The Dycem black hole cello - Endpin Rest

The Dycem black hole cello - Endpin Rest er-rs$15.95
Non-Slip Cello Mats A cellist must-have! This compact mat uses our non-slip technology to keep your cello in place.

The Dycem black hole cello mat effectively holds your cello in place during rehearsal and performance alike.

The non-slip material prevents slipping on all surfaces. multi-purpose, durable polymeric material of the highest quality. Small and compact, the Dycem black hole cello mat is chic and stylish. The Dycem Cello Mat may be carried around in your pocket.

I play cello and a friend who comes from the United States gave me the cello mat. Im very happy because my cello doesnt slip any more, I think that it is a very nice product. Adriana - Argentina

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