Tonareli Fiberglass "Cello Shaped" Viola Case

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Fiberglass - many colors to choose from. 6.8 lbs. Very durable shell. It fits violas from 15" - 16.1/2". Suspension, 2 bow holders, soft velour interior. The case has a velcro strap that goes around the violin neck. Extra space for a shoulder rest. Padded back pack straps. The case gets closed by 6 strong latches on the front and has a very comfortable subway strap.

As seen on the picture it can stand like a cello case

Weight - 6.8 lbs

Outside Dimensions

Length - 85cm Width - 33cm Height - 18cm

Inside Dimensions

Full Length - 80cm Upper bout width - 24cm Lower bout width - 29cm Body length - 43cm

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