AcoustaGrip BowGrip Violin

AcoustaGrip BowGrip Violin NOabv$4.95
BowGrip is a simple but brilliant device that promotes correct positioning for smooth bowing and ensures that your bow does not allow the thumb to slip. It also maintains and promotes a “bent thumb” for needed flexibility when bowing from tip to frog. This allows for smooth and straight bow strokes, plus excellent control for easy and better legato, staccato, spiccato, etc. With BowGrip, you can achieve the correct positioning methods advocated by Galamian, DeLay, Auer, Persinger and most great violin teachers everywhere. BowGrip slips on easily and attaches to any violin bow in minutes.

Loosen screw at the frog completely and remove the frog. Allow the frog to hang outside of the bow. Slip the BowGrip over the wooden bottom gently pushing up towards the wrapping. When the BowGrip reaches the wrapping, slide and twist the BowGrip partially over the wrapping of the bow. If excess resistance is felt you may have to heat the plastic bow grip with a hair dryer or other means for a few seconds to make it pliable. Use care and caution.

Leave ¼” of space between the BowGrip and the frog for the tip of your thumb. Proper positioning of the BowGrip provides for a 1/8″ to 1/4″ separation between the wrapping and the frog when tightened for use. This allows the tip of your bent thumb to rest between the frog and the BowGrip. A bent thumb allows for smoothest bow direction changing.

BowGrip helps to keep the thumb bent for flexibility. The thumb tip is placed in the space between the BowGrip and the frog for proper positioning and bow holding.