AcoustaGrip Maestro White Cello Pad

AcoustaGrip Maestro White Cello Pad NOamwcp$26.95
Keeps your instrument in place while keeping you safe from instrument slippage or damage from moisture.

The AcoustaGrip Cello Pad fits most sizes from 1.2, 3/4 to full 4/4 size instruments. Unique and needed, there is nothing else like it in the world. Easily fitting inside the case, the Maestro White Cello Pad is a 3-layer AcoustaGrip Cello Pad that offers utmost comfort and protection against instrument damage from moisture (perspiration), fuller sound and enhanced feel of vibrations.

One layer attaches simply with air to the back of your cello using micro-air technology and may be attached and reattached repeatedly. The beautiful design allows you to effortlessly keep your instrument firmly in place. Each layer is of special acoustical material, delivering superior sound and utmost comfort without skin irritation or bruising. FEATURES

Multi-layer design (special acoustical materials/micro-air technology) Moisture control prevents slippage Ergonomic design for most favored angle for sound projection