Accord Standard Cello Case (Superlight)

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The most balanced weight/strength ratio. Very popular choice for cellists who require a strong case that is at the same time extremely light. Estimated strength: 40 kilo crush resistance.

Basic model includes the following:

Accord's standard color options except silver metallic. High-glossy finish. Two back straps. Foam interior with spare sets cushions. Detachable pocket.

All Accord cases have a unique suspension system engineered to float the instruments on a cushion of foam pads. Wedge cushions can be easily adjusted for different instruments and provide very precise inside fitting and safety. Ecological and chemically neutral insulation does not interact with, or in any way harm the finish of the instrument. Prevents the accumulation of moisture. Excellent insulating qualities. Adjustable bottom pads fit the exact length of any instrument.

Our recommendation: The ideal case for every day use. Suitable for the flight cover combo.

weight 2,8 kg (5,8 lbs)