Accord Ultralight Double Bass Case

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Accord Ultralight Double Bass Case Accord Ultralight Double Bass$3,800.00

This model includes the following:

3 real leather handles; additional handles optionally. Foam interior with adjustable cushions creating the “floating effect” of the instrument. Texture-granulated finish. 4 wheels at the case’s bottom, two at the sides (lateral) and two back wheels. 2 different types of latches making it impossible to open the case involuntary, even using the most varied physical forces. 2 belts in the interior for instrument’s fastening.


All Accord cases have a unique suspension system engineered to float the instruments on a cushion of foam pads. Self-adhesive cushions of various widths are easily combined for various instruments, which enables very precise inner fitting and security. Ecologically and chemically neutral insulation makes no impact on the instrument’s final varnish neither it damages it. It prevents moisture collection. Excellent insulation features. Detachable cushions at the bottom can be adjustable to each instrument. 2 belts in the interior for the instrument’s fastening. Tight fixing department for accessories. Detachable pockets for accessories and sheet music

Weight 16.5 kg (36.8 lbs) Size There are two different models to choose from that match the size and shape of any double bass (from 3/4 to 5/4). In order to select the suitable model and adjust the interior, please fill out the measurements form.