ADJUSTRITE Junior Musician's Stool

ADJUSTRITE Junior Musician's Stool ce-st$85.00
This adjustable padded stool is great for kids, or anyone, who wants to sit at a lower height while playing smaller size cellos. Designed by the makers of the Adjustrite Musician's Chair, the top of the ADJUSTRITE Junior Musician's Stool is 14" square with about 2" of padding. Buttons on the legs allow you to easily adjust the leg height in 1" increments to make the stool 12", 13" or 14" tall and without the adjustment legs the stool is 11" tall. Fine adjustments are also possible using the screw-in foot caps. This comfortable, sturdy stool does not fold flat, but its small size and relatively light weight of 6.35 pounds still makes it easy to transport. Teachers have told us that it is perfect for cellists playing 1/10-1/4 size cellos.