Book about Amadeus string quartet

What an apt title for this splendid publication. We immediately think of the String Quartet by that name, viz. Brainin, Nissel, Schidlof and Lovett, who charmed us all over the world for so many years. After an auspicious start in Wigmore Hall in January 1948, the Amadeus continued until the end of 1987, after 40 years when Schidlof died. This is a book with a difference in that it is more of a scrapbook with sketches, facsimiles of programmes and many other memorabilia all of which are beautifully reproduced.

Naturally there is an insight into the life and family of each of the four protagonists. And as so often, great musical abilities manifested themselves early in each of their lives. Of course they had contact with many other musicians in particular Yehudi Menuhin, and more directly Benjamin Britten and Imogen Holst.

For us now the flavour of their musicianship comes from the discography. This is comprehensive and we start with 78s, LPs and finally CDs. And as expected a substantial number of their recordings were issued on CD. Immediately one thinks of Haydnís Emperor quartet or Mozartís Hunt quartet, but looking at what is (or was) available there is a fascinating and comprehensive set of Brahms works and a delightful collection they are. And finally this publication is being sold in aid of the Amadeus Scholarship Fund. The future too must be supported.

Hein Kropholler $35.00