ASTEROPE, from FISHMAN. Pro Studio Series, cables. Right to Right GOLD

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ASTEROPE, from FISHMAN. Pro Studio Series, cables. Right to Right GOLD AST-P-RRG$54.95

The Asterope Pro Studio Series provides a more dynamic, spatial and superior sound. Ideal for more intimate settings where clarity and harmonic response are critical.

The Asterope Pro Studio Series utilizes revolutionary technology that delivers “high-definition” sound with greater bandwidth than ever before.


• Decades of research and development across a number of scientific disciplines have resulted in a major breakthrough in cable design.

• Ultra-efficient signal flow increases bandwidth and harmonic response and improves the overall sound of all audio electronics.

• Asterope delivers a broader bandwidth of sound than traditional cables, allowing the listener to actually “feel” the difference… This phenomenon is referred to as “hyper-sonics." It must be experienced first hand. Hearing is believing!

Asterope Products Feature:

Highest quality conductive materials

Proprietary wiring and production methods

Patented Ultra-Clarity connectors

Durable exterior jacketing

Enhanced noise-resistant shielding

Unique unidirectional design

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Available in 1/4" and XLR

Designed and Made in the U.S.A.

Why Asterope?

Asterope greatly improves the sound of all instruments, amplifiers and effects

Asterope enhances the musical experience for both the artist and the listener

Asterope’s revolutionary technology optimizes electron flow in your signal path

Asterope products literally “excite” your tone from the moment you plug them in

Asterope Pro Studio 1/4" Right to Right

AST-P01-RRG......................1' AST-P03-RRG......................3'