BAM Hightech Compact Cello Case

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BAM Hightech Compact 3.5 Cello Case cl-bam6$2,047.00

7.7 lbs. BAM's Hightech 3.5 Compact case has a triple-ply shell with an Airex skeleton trapped between a film of untearable plastic and an outside layer of sleek, metallic ABS, which makes the shell very resistant and rigid. These cases are built tough and hold up to the roughest handling. The BAM Hightech case has an internal suspension system made of injected and molded foam cushions, velvet lined, supporting the instrument at the level of the internal batten.

This is a slightly smaller and lighter case than the Hightech 4.4. The products used in the shell allow for cool finishes.

Standard features included:

* Two bow holders * Two padded anti-slip shoulder straps * Pocket for accessories * Neck strap and security strap for the scroll * Fully suspended interior * Comfortable handle * Injected foam endpin cushion, strap and reinforced plate * Injected foam suspension cushion for the upper shoulders * Available exterior colors: Black Carbon look, Black Lazure, Silver Carbon look or Tweed look * Interior color: Black

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