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Bam Hightech Contoured Viola Case 2200XL vla-bam4$846.00

Offering exceptional, lightweight protection, the Bam Contoured Hightech case features high performance materials and a compact design for ultimate portability. The Hightech's unique exterior is made of a three-ply shell: A shock resistant ABS metallic outer layer, an AIREX core for lightness, and a thermoplastic inner layer. The result is unequaled protection. Interior is of soft black velvet. 5.0 lbs.

Exterior Features:

Two "soft touch" latches. Four D-rings for backpack or shoulder option, two shoulder straps included. Two bottom rubber bumpers.

Interior Features:

One accessory pouch. Injected foam suspension system, upper bout support adjusts with Velcro for an exact fit. Two hill style bow holders. String tube included.



Weight : 1,9 kg Inside dimensions : Total Length: 80 cm Body Length: 43 cm

Upper bout: 21 cm Lower bout: 26 cm Outside dimensions : 78x31x19 cm


Weight : 3 kg Inside dimensions : Total Length: 76 cm Body Length: 43 cm

Upper bout: 28 cm Lower bout: 28 cm Outside dimensions : 78x31x20 cm