Bam Hightech Slim Cello Case

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Bam Hightech Slim Cello Case cl-bam7$2,601.00

1005XL 2.9k (6.8 lbs)

Weighs only 2.9 kg! BAM's Hightech Slim Cello Case is designed for a close fit to the instrument, which reduces the weight of the case whilst still offering outstanding protection. Its shell is made of the same patented high performance Hightech materials developed by BAM, but the density of the shell's core structure is increased while its thickness is reduced even more. The result is a very rigid, very light case (2.9kg / 6.8lbs) and yet it retains the same characteristics of its Hightech origins. This case offers a water and air tight seal, ease of opening and closing, convenient and comfortable straps, and full suspension of the instrument. A new design on the back also gives great balance to the case when laying flat.

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