Belcanto Gold Cello Set

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Belcanto actually started with a young cellist visiting in the Thomastik-Infeld R&D department. Her hands were all swollen and red because of her allergy to nickle. Desperately she has been looking for cello string that do not contain nickel, after all attempts to cure her allergy had failed. To that day, nickel was believed to be the only material for cello strings that could produce the characteristic cello sound. In the Thomastik-Infeld R&D, is actually how a lot of success stories begin - an artist stepping in with a problem, an idea or a suggestion. This time the cellist request resulted few year later in Belcanto and, as international reactions show, it has become far more than the solution for allergic cellists ...

The new string concept for Cello is based on a modern sound. a and d string have a steel core, G and C string have a rope core. The C string has a tungsten layer to beef up the volume. There are two sets available: BELCANTO, which is a bright, clear, optimal balanced sounding set and BELCANTO GOLD, which is transparent, rich and warm in timbre. The individual string tensions in both sets are harmonized to allow combination of strings to fine tune the instrument. The strings have excellent response and stay in tune very quickly. A nice feature about BELCANTO GOLD is the fact that the strings are 100 % nickel free and therefor suitable for players having problems with allergic reactions.