Bobelock Violin Case #1002 with Suspension

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Bobelock's oblong violin case is one of their best selling case and has set the standard for durability, protection and style with plenty of choices to satisfy everyone. Built using a five layered plywood case construction in the traditional oblong shape, the #1002 violin case is covered with a durable nylon canvas zippered cover and outside music pocket.

We at Gostrings sell only the case with suspension, because this feature will help you to protect your instrument in case of an accident.

Sizes Available with Exterior Dimensions & Weights

Suspension Case: 5.5”thick and weighs 7 lbs.

3/4 size: 5" thick, 29" long, 9" wide (5 lbs.)

Standard features:

One large pocket at end of scroll

Shoulder strap included in all sizes

4/4 cases only has subway straps

String tubes and blanket in 4/4 sizes only

Hygrometer, Pencil pocket in 4/4 size only