Bow Rehair for Violin, Viola or Cello

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How it works: once you ship your bow to us, we will rehair it and ship it back to you via Fedex. You pay for the rehair and for the shipping. We will rehair it with the best hair available in the market. We regularly rehair bows for the top soloists of today and musicians from the best orchestras in the world. Whatever the quality of your bow, we will use the same hair and same care as for Joshua Bell's bow. The cost of the rehair is $75. The rehair will be done by the fine restorers working for Gradoux-Matt Rare Violins. By sending your bow to us you are taking full responsibility in case of disappearance or damage to the bow on its way to us and on its way back to you, we recommend that you use the Gostrings PVC Tube for shipping the bow. Please, make sure that there is some kind of foam or paper towel on both ends of the tube to assure that the bow will be transported safely.