Cello Debut, 12 easy pieces for beginner, James Rae Universal Edition, UE21534

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Title: "Cello Debut" 12 Easy Pieces for Beginners - for Individual, Group or Whole-Class Learning Instrumentation: 1-2 Violoncelli Edition with CD - CD with Play Along plus Full Version with the Piano Accompaniment for free Download Composer: James Rae Publisher: Universal Edition Difficulty: 1 Language: Englisch, German Category: sheet music INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP LEARNING: All of these pieces for young cellists in their earliest stages of learning can be performed as a solo or in unison with others. Some have an optional 2nd part and may also serve as ensemble material. MIXED ENSEMBLE OPTION: Whilst written specifically for the instrument and addressing the challenges beginners would encounter, a special section is included of four pieces which are "key friendly" for beginners on most instruments and are therefore ideal pieces for mixed instrumental groups. These same four pieces appear in books for other instruments in the Debut series. Content: - TV Tango - Autumn Andante - Shoes on Parade - Doctor's Orders - Motorcycle Rock - Pineapple Rumba - The Skeleton in the Closet - Parisian Waltz - Big Chief Sitting Bull - I Say, I Say, I Say! - Dance of the Seven Dachshunds - Marvo the Wondrous Magician