StringVision Cello Keypeg Set

StringVision Cello Keypeg Set cl-keyp$150.00
Stringvision Keypeg is now in use by thousands of cellists worldwide, and is a regularly-stocked item for many violin shops. Keypeg is usually requested by professional players who play a lot and have decided they need the product. The function of Keypeg is to allow the cellist greater head movement and freedom by the removal of peg handles. The two provided keys are usually kept in the users cello case or keyring unless they are being used for tuning. Cellists will request one or both of the pegs on the C and G side to be installed. If a player requests just the C peg, we highly recommend selling the player the full set of two pegs and two keys, as it is very important for the user to have a key and also a backup key.

Installation is like that of a standard friction peg, though a very sharp adjustable peg shaver is probably better for measuring the camber of the existing peg. The large end of the peg is 14.3 mm, in case there is a question about re-bushing. There are basic installation directions that come with the product. Some cellists may think they are doing something irreversible to their cello when inquiring, so its probably good to mention that no alteration is made to the cello or scroll itself, and the original pegs can easily be replaced as easily as replacing a string. If you have existing keypeg customers, you may want to stock extra keys for customers. Single pegs are only available as warranted replacements. Keypeg is sold as a set of two pegs and two keys for retail $150.00. The pegs are African Blackwood with a steel insert, and the keys are a molded high impact styrene with steel bit and also a handy keyring.