Coda Infinity Bass Bow. 10 year warranty

Coda Infinity Bass Bow. Free shipping in the USA Discontinued inf-cod$1,095.50

A compelling testament to the power of collaboration. World-recognized authorities in bass bow making and composite materials and design pooled their expertise to produce Infinity, a distinctive bow that masterfully blends technology and tradition. A favorite with soloists, the Infinity's strong, agile, and well-balanced shaft unlocks and projects an instrument's core sound while its advanced frog design plays into the string and quickens initiation.

Specifications Kevlar acoustic core with graphite weave finish. Nickel mounted aero Xebony™ frog with mother-of-pearl underslide and nickel "Coda" eye inlay. Silver winding, leather grip.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Includes a limited warranty from CodaBow. Visit the CodaBow website at to activate your warranty.