Kaplan Titanium Cello A

KS511 Medium

The Kaplan cello strings produce a full, rich, and warm tone. They are designed to balance and blend well with the lower strings. Designed with the professional performer in mind, they stand up well to extreme bow pressure, and provide a strong, projecting soloistic quality without being overly bright.

Tonally adjusted damping for optimum sound quality Produces a full, warm and rich tone that blends nicely with the lower strings and projects well Sustains extreme bow pressure 4/4 scale, 700mm playing length

Kaplan™ Cello A

Kaplan has always been synonymous with quality, consistency and tradition. D’Addario now offers a Kaplan cello set.

It is aimed at the most discerning musician, its construction allows heavy bow pressure, without losing sound clarity in pianissimo. The sound is well balanced, rich and complex throughout the set.