The Dounis Collection

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Author: Demetrius Constantine Dounis Demetrius Constantine Dounis (1886-1954) was one of te most prominent violin pedagogues of the twentieth century. Dounis' work in violin pedagogy extended to many areas, but there are two specific areas for which he was highly revered and influential in how own time and today. The first was his intense concern with the proper ergonomics of violin playing, for exampl... more ╗e, the horizontal and vertical movements of the left hand, the importance of muscular development and relaxation, the development of finger strength and independence in the left hand, and the proper means for gripping the bow in the right hand. The second area is his emphasis on the role of the brain, not the arms or the fingers, in proper violin practicing and playing. The eleven books in this collection are the most comprehensive collection of this master pedagogue's work ever published.