The EDB1 Headway-Sheer Acoustic Equaliser Direct Blend

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Premium quality pre-preamplifiers for any acoustic instrument, with low noise signal boosting and tonal shaping

Powerfully effective and musically sympathetic EQ, as proven on Shire King 120,

Two Channel Mixing option, via a choice of connectors, where two separate pickups fitted, or Pickup + Microphone used

Phantom power option to Condenser mic., or to active pickup system wired for external powering ( no battery inside instrument. )

Three mounting methods, plus Battery or Mains DC plug in powering.

* Description

The EDB1 (Sheer Acoustic Equaliser Direct Blend) is a mega multi-purpose and compact external pre-amplifier box of pro-audio quality.

You can completely shape your sound with its five band interactive EQ, switchable input impedance and three way Range Switch, offering acoustic Guitar, Bass or Violin settings, which cut unwanted low end tones, below the useable frequency range of the instrument. This cuts body handling noise, unwanted resonaces, feedback and Violin bowing noise. Feedback and other resonance problems may be further tackled by a very effective, broad ranging tunable notch filter and a Phase Reverse control.

Inputs are via Mono Jack, Stereo Jack and XLR, via Two Channels, which enable you to blend in an extra pickup, or Microphone and you can plug into them via one or two standard mono jack leads, a jack lead plus an XLR, or a stereo jack lead.

The Input Impedance Switches on each channel, allow you to optimise the voicing for any of the major pickup types, while a huge amount of extra levels can be applied via the Gain controls and additionally by the Master Volume.

Phantom power is also available to Jack In and XLR Inputs, making the unit friendly for use with quality Condenser Mics and Instruments wired with no battery inside instrument, but with active pickups needing powering.

Outputs are via a balanced XLR D.I. out and a line out Jack. If an earth loop is heard causing hum, you may kill it by pressing the Earth Lift Switch. The two outputs also allow you to split the signal, such as between Acoustic Combo amp for stage monitoring and an out front mixing desk.

EDB-1 can be mounted on its rubber feet, carried with you on the belt clip, or mounted via a mic stand, with an optional bracket.

Powering is via two 9v PP3 ( 6F22 ) Batteries, or via plug in DC Power supply.

Headway Acoustic Guitar Preamplifiers, Model EDB-1. Also as Violin Preamplifiers, etc. Suit any stringed instrument.

Read the manual by clicking on the PDF icon.

* Key Points

Pro-Audio Quality

Mono/Stereo Jacks Inputs

XLR input

Input impedance switchable to optimise various pickup types

3 Way "Range" Control selects High Pass Filter ( Low cut settings, between Guitar, Violin or Bass.

2 Channels

5 Band interactive EQ

Tunable Notch Filter with variable band width + In/Out

Phantom Power to Inputs via Switch

Balanced XLR Line Out ( Mix of 2 Channels ) + Earth Lift Switch

Jack Line Out in Mono Mix of 2 Channels.

Battery or External DC Plug In Power Supply

Low Battery Indicator

Mount via Rubber Feet, Belt Clip or optional Mic Stand Bracket.

Weight = 500g

Dimensions L: 138mm. W: 93mm. D: 38mm ( D: 43mm incl. low profile knobs. )