Eudoxa Violin Set - Stiff D & G

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Eudoxa Violin Set - Rigid D & G vs-14$139.95

The set is available as straight strings, not packaged, except the E string.

Pirastro Eudoxa strings have a gut core. This provides a very warm tone. They are brighter than the Oliv strings.

If you would like to be specific about the Gauges, please write something at the "Comments" section during Checkout:

A aluminum (2142) 13.1/4 13.1/2 13.3/4 14

D aluminum 2143 (2133-rigid) 16.1/4 16.1/2 16.3/4 17

G silver 2144 (2134-rigid) 15.1/4 15.1/2 15.3/4 16 16.1/4

Version Rigid D- and G-strings have a darker and more powerful sound. For further information please refer to : Eudoxa-Stiff.