Evah Pirazzi Cello Set

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For small sizes: Order with the option button at a Lower price...CELLO STEEL CORE STRINGS EVAH PIRAZZI Sound Characteristics of Steel core string set which offers brilliance and a great dynamic range. Impressive harmony across the strings not only in respect of sound but also regarding playability. The A & D strings have a warm and round core sound, which is combined with an impressive brilliance. There is a very smooth transition from the D to the G string, which continues and deepens the radiant sound picture of the D string. The set is rounded o! with the powerful C string providing resonance to the whole instrument. From pianissimo to fortissimo the response is immediate and the playability is outstanding. The individual construction of the gauge weich, mittel and stark results in clear differences in sound pictures. Gauge weich is very warm sound. Gauge stark is big volume and more brilliant sound. Designed for longevity. Description A & D strings: steel core wound with chrome steel. G & C strings: newly designed rope core wound with tungsten.