Fiedler Cello Backpack System


Fiedler's cello back-pack is a set of well-padded straps, mounted onto the back of an ordinary cello case.

The fine tuning of its components, as well as extensive tests of everyday use ensures a high relief and comfort when carrying your cello.

The Fiedler cello Backpack can be mounted onto almost every cello case (and other large cases e.g. violin, viola, doublebass, bassoon, etc.) and offers the following advantages:

Well-padded straps are gentle to the neck and shoulders.

The case is securely balanced, which makes even cycling possible.

The multifunctional cushion is always at hand if your chair is too low.

An end pin-holder can be made up out of parts of the strap system.

A handy shoulder-back clip prevents shoulder bags from slipping off.

*The Fiedler cello backpack is attached to the case at several points and requires modification with attachment hardware (threaded screws/nuts etc.). It is highly unlikely that one broken fitting will cause the case to fall off your shoulder.*

All parts can be ordered individually if worn out!