FISHMAN, Cello pick up C-200 Concert Series

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FISHMAN, Cello pick up C-200 Concert Series PRO-C20-0CE$229.95
The C-200 Concert Series Cello pickup offers an extraordinary level of performance, tone quality and accuracy for the cello.

The piezo-ceramic Concert Series pickups for Violin, Viola and Cello are preinstalled in high quality Despiau bridges to provide the ultimate performance in terms of a precise and perfectly balanced tone from string to string.

In addition to an exceptionally clear and natural tonal response designed to reveal the true character of the instrument, these pickups sound remarkably consistent every time they are played.



Accurate reproduction of your instrumentís unique acoustic sound Piezo-ceramic pickup skillfully crafted into a high-quality Despiau bridge Consistent sound for every performance Professional installation required An impedance matching preamp is recommended, but not required