Gewa Oblong Bio-S and Bio-A Violin Case

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The Bio I S series – In the ever-changing world, we continue to ask ourselves one questions; What will be left to our children in the future? It’s easy to discount it as a rhetorical. But we know for certain that many traditional raw materials are becoming more scarce, and switching to alternative & sustainable materials is the future. And with our Bio series we will proudly walk this path. The shells of Bio are made out of flax fibreboards, then lined and covered for aesthetics. This renewable material is already used in the automotive construction for the interior upholstery of doors, roof linings etc. Minimalist construction and design, low weight, practical, and sustainable.

• Organic flax shell • Padded suspension system • Weight ca. 5.1 lbs • Soft handle • GEWA swivel type holder for 2 bows • Accessory compartment • 2 detachable rucksack straps • With music sheet pocket and side handle • Interior velvet black w/all exteriors except brown, velvet beige (brown exterior only)

BIO-A $172.00

Bio-A is a successor of our massively popular the Bio-S cases, the first model in this series to focus on sustainability. The Bio-A features more advanced features and allow it to be used for a much longer-term than Bio-S. Minimalist construction and design, low weight, practical, and sustainable. Available in four modern colors and fits 1/2 to 4/4.

Organic flax shell Adjustable neck rest Suitable for violins from 1/2 to 4/4 GEWA swivel type bow holders for 2 bows, one of them adjustable Padded suspension Removable music pocket Ergonomic handle Accessory compartment Black velvet interior 2 detachable backpack straps Weight 2.8 kg / 6.17 lbs (avg. Actual weight may vary)