Gewa Idea 2.3 Carbon Fiber Violin Case

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Gewa Idea 2.3 Carbon Fibre Violin Case gw-vln11$629.99
Gewa “Idea 2.3” model oblong violin suspension case with carbon fiber reinforced synthetic resin shell. Removable accessory pocket, four bowholders, shoulder rest straps. Black exterior, black velour interior. Weight is approximately 5 lbs. Removable exterior music pocket. 4/4 only.

* Made in Germany

* Carbon fibre reinforced syntetic resin shell

* Weight approx. 2,3 kg

* Padded suspension system

* GEWA swivel type holder patented

* flexible bow holder

* blanket

* Accessory pocket

* 2 detachable Neopren rucksack straps

* Attached music sheet pocket

* Velour padding black