Gloria Justen "Four-Stringed Voice" CD

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Four-Stringed Voice" Released! - January 2, 2009 I am thrilled to announce the release of my first CD of original music, a collection of pieces for solo violin. They are in the tradition of violin solo writing going back to Bach and extending through Bartok and Ysaye. A wide variety of tonal colors are explored, and alternate tunings are used in two pieces. Although some pieces were inspired by natural phenomena such as birdcalls, the music is not intended to be representational, but rather evocative. The pieces are by turns tonal, atonal, dreamy, energetic, mysterious and fierce. For the recording I played on a wonderful Stradivari violin made in 1690 and lent to me by Emmanuel Gradoux-Matt (Gradoux-Matt Rare Violins.)

I have written music which pleases me as a violinist and which I hope other violinists will want to play also. Scores will very soon be available online through