GOSTRINGS Varnish Cleaner 1FL OZ

This varnish cleaner was created in the workshop of Gradoux-Matt Rare Violins LLC, where the most expensive violins in the world, Stradivaris, Deljesus, are being taken care of. This cleaner should be used in moderation and not used on open cracks and open seams, it should be kept away from children and not be ingested, or be in contact with your eyes.

Please start with one small section at a time. It is important not to create a mess by trying to clean too large an area at a time. Place a small quantity of cleaner on a clean, folded cotton or microfiber cloth or clean soft folded paper towel. Using moderate pressure, rub polish onto varnish in a circular motion. Wipe off polish before it has dried with another clean soft cloth or soft paper towel. This will polish the varnish and remove excess cleaner. Use light to moderate pressure either in a circular motion or in the direction of the grain. The latest formula was created in June 2010 using biodegradable ingredients, better for the environment, for your instrument and for you. It was tested extensively by the shop of Gradoux-Matt Rare Violins LLC and we are very happy with it. We know you will be too!