Jargar Superior Violin Set

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Great Quality Sound The Jargar Superior Violin strings delivers superb sound quality whatever the performing conditions. The warmth and color is a truly extraordinary blend resulting in a strong natural violin sound. It allows the player to explore all the creative possibilities in a piece of music.

Projection What you hear with the instrument close to your ear is quite different from the sound that the audience hears from a distance. The audience enjoys a full sound thanks to the combination of a unique core technology and carefully selected winding materials.

Well Balanced Sound All four strings merge together in a remarkable symphony of balance. Thanks to the synthetic core for the A, D and G the strings are not only well-balanced they also provide a soft left hand feel.

Articulation The strings play with ease and have a quick response. Soft notes in particular have clarity without the use a lot of bow pressure.

What do the players say about them?

● "The strings stay clear powerful, fast and easy all the way up. They also allow you the most incredible variety of dynamics from the PPP up to a broad FF..." ● "The set makes an even bigger sound than what I normally use. It has been a great pleasure and surprise to discover that it is probably the best strings I have tried until now..."

● "Better than comparable professional brands that I have used until now..." ● "Well balanced, powerful sound and rapid bow contact..." ● "Very easy to play on. Powerful and good separation of notes..."

Technical details

String Materials Violin E Tin plated steel string

Violin A Synthetic core and aluminum winding

Violin D Synthetic core and silver winding

Violin G Synthetic core and silver winding