J.S.Bach: Sonatas in G major, E minor; Fugue in G minor for Violin and Basso continuo(Barenreiter)

BA5167. This new edition supersedes the earlier performance edition of sonatas BWV 1021 and 1023 published in the New Bach Edition. Like other volumes recently issued in revised editions – Sonatas and Partitas for Violin (BA 5116), Partita for Flute (BA 5187), and Six Sonatas for Violin and Obbligato Harpsichord in one volume (BA 5240) and in two volumes (BA 5118-19) – these two sonatas have been re-evaluated on the basis of newly unearthed sources. The Fugue BWV 1026, long considered spurious, appears here for the first time in a scholarly-critical edition that places Bach’s authorship above reproach.

- First critical edition of a work firmly attributed to Bach: the G minor Fugue, BWV 1026

- Figured bass realization by Zvi Meniker

- Two violin parts: an Urtext part and a part marked with fingering and bowing suggestions by Andrew Manze

- Continuo part with bass figures