Kaplan Non-Whistling Solutions - Violin E

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Kaplan Solutions strings are precisely designed to solve specific problems for high-end players. Years of exhaustive research into the materials and design of strings evolved into a different way of thinking: rather than base the string line on a core material, Kaplan Solutions uses various materials in both core and winding to solve specific problems that high-end players occasionally notice in attributes like response or sound. Input from professional musicians and luthiers was an integral part of the development of Kaplan Solutions.

The non-whistling E string eliminates the whistling sound sometimes heard when the open E string is played while crossing from a lower string. The string?s unique design comes from a thorough scientific study into the cause of this whistling; it also makes a sweeter sound that can better match the sound quality of the lower strings, which makes it excellent for playing chords."Kaplan strings have a history of high-quality," states D'Addario President Jim D'Addario. "We've taken that tradition and combined it with 21st Century technology to create a new line of strings that are exactly what its name states: Solutions. Professionals will find these strings solve certain issues that high-end users face."

This string has a ball end, but comes with a loop end adapter for use with string adjusters that require a loop end.