Lee - 40 Easy Etudes op. 70 for Violoncello

Sebastian Lee, op. 70. With an accompaniment of a second Cello BA9401 On the heels of the successful Popper, Duport and Grützmacher etude publications Martin Rummel has focused his pedagogical skills on these classic studies for young cellists. Rummel has based his new edition on the first edition of Sebastian Lee’s (1805–1887) etudes from 1855; he has sparingly added fingering, bow strokes and slurs indicating them editorially so players can immediately see the textural alterations.

- New edition based on the first edition

- Clear reader friendly layout

“This new edition is excellent – clear, well laid out and historically correct.”

(Ensemble, Sept. 08)

“The editing by Rummel is first class.“

(Stringendo, vol. 2/2007)