Until Further Notice

THE YEAR'S BEST CLASSICAL RELEASE...perhaps the most opulent book-and-CD set ever published. The performances are exceptional in themselves, quite apart from the project's historic worth. This is an absolute must for fiddle fanciers, while more general music lovers will learn as they listen.~JOHN VON RHEIN, Chicago Tribune. It's hard to imagine that the case for Stradivari and Guarneri could be more powerfully stated in words, pictures, or recorded sound-or to imagine that any future book about violins will not be judged by this epoch-defining standard.~FANFARE. Handsome color illustrations of each instrument with histories. State-of-the-art recordings engineered by Mark Levinson in cooperation with Eric Wen of Biddulph Recordings. Fifteen classic works from Bach to Martinon¤ each played on a Stradivari then on a Guarneri del Gesł and then a solo excerpt from the Sibelius Concerto performed on all thirty violins. Compare, contrast and enjoy the tonal and visual characteristics of each violin! 1 book, 3 cd's. $275.00