Accessories For String Instruments





Endpin, Rosin, Mute, Cleaner, Polish...

We offer a wide range of music accessories including Chin Rest, Shoulder Rest, Rosin, Strad Pads, Cleaners/Polish, Learning Aids, etc. At Gostrings LLC., we provide our customers with branded rests and accessories.

GOSTRINGS offers a "DELIVERY CONFIRMATION" service for $3.00 for shipping within the USA. It provides date and time of delivery/attempted delivery upon inquiry. Click on it on the left banner.

NEW: Free shipping for orders shipped within the United States over $50-. This offer excludes all products under the Gostrings section "Music Instr./Stands and Lights". Please, to get the free shipping, enter 2010 on the Coupon section of the order and click "Apply". This coupon is located at the end of the page asking for the credit card info.