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Bärenreiter’s revised, expanded and enlarged Urtext edition of Mozart’s Piano Trios contains not only the very latest findings based on the recently published Kritische Bericht to the volume in the New Mozart Edition, but also works not found in either the old Bärenreiter performing edition or other popular editions available today.

The new Bärenreiter Urtext publication contains the three single movements known as K. 442 for piano trio which Mozart left as fragments and were completed by Maximilian Stadler and first published in 1797 by André.

The new performing edition is published in a larger format (24.3 x 31 cm) and is further complimented by a new preface by Wolfgang Rehm.

- Revised performing edition with the Urtext of the New Mozart Edition

- Contains the three single movements for Piano Trio completed by Stadler

- New large format and new preface


Divertimento B-flat major K. 254

Trio G major K. 496

Trio E-flat major K. 498 (Piano, Clarinet or Violin and Viola)

Trio B-flat major K. 502

Trio E major K. 542

Trio C major K. 548

Trio G major K. 564

- Appendix:

Three fragments for Piano Trio completed by Maximilian Stadler K. 442

Trio movement in D minor

Trio movement in G major

Trio movement in D major