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Musaifia Aeternum Aureum Elliptical Viola Case musva101$1,979.00

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n 1999 Dimitri Musafia designed AETERNUM, a re-interpretation of the classic violin case of the 1700s. Starting with the straight-sided, rounded-end design that some experts think may have been invented by no less than Antonio Stradivari, the instrument was placed at a slant to make more room available for accessories.

The new 2012 AETERNUM Series 4 and AETERNUM Series 4 Aureum represent the latest refinement of the AETERNUM concept. While maintaining the basic shape of the previous versions, in this fourth edition the instrument has been moved closer to the center of the case for further protection in case of accident, the main accessory compartment is now to the right, and the scroll area now features an optically enlightening strip of cherrywood burl trim.

The instrument is surrounded by thick padding and high-density foam filler to help protect the violin or viola from impact in all directions, with an additional safety frame to further protect the scroll and neck. Roomy accessory compartments with brass piano-hinged lids offer considerable space (totaling 1835 cm3 in the violin version) for the shoulder rest, string packets, mutes, tuning forks, etc. in three distinct areas.

Instrument protection is further enhanced by structural load bearing crosswise partitions, with bolted-through steel L-reinforcements mated to the trademark Musafia monolithic impact absorbing system. Linear surfaces reduced to the minimum provide additional strength and the 2012 AETERNUM Series 4 and AETERNUM Series 4 Aureum also feature - for the first time - an anti-intrusion bottom panel for yet more protection.

In the AETERNUM Series 4 the exceptionally plush interior, with deep padding, is fully lined in finest Italian silk velvet and suede-like Royale for a stylish two-tone effect. Specially-milled ivory-colored bow ribbons (treated to resist rosin dust) feature a jacquard weave which reproduces the inlay of the 1677 "Sunrise" Stradivari. The lid is further graced by two strips of hand-polished cherrywood burl, finished with six coats of traditional gumlack prepared in the workshop. A small but thoughtful touch is represented by the presence of ribbons to retain photographs in the lid without damage.

The Aureum version of the Aeternum series 4, completely new for 2012, reaches an almost incredible level of style, quality and detail with softest Italian suede leather lining, contrasting stripe bottom padding (similar to that in the Enigma), "Sunrise" pattern satin lining, and as a final touch - 12 discreetly situated Swarovski crystals to hide otherwise visible screw heads (the crystals can be deleted if preferred without).


A mix of classic and modern. Instrument placement with strategic foam impact absorbing structures and a safety frame in the scroll-neck area to protect it from impact in all directions. Closed accessory boxes on long-lasting brass piano hinging for mutes, tuning fork, etc.. Deep bottom padding.


Continuum High Tensile™ 6-ply laminate construction with monolithical impact absorbing structure -- EnCase™ construction feature with improved resistance to side impact -- New anti-intrusion bottom panel enhances protection against blunt force -- Replaceable Cordura® nylon waterproof cover with full-sized music pouch, padded on underside. YKK zippers. Teflon® treatment to reduce wear and scuffs -- Interior fully-lined and padded with truly finest Italian silk velvet and suede-like Royale, or glove quality suede leather on the Aureum version -- Spring-loaded locking bow holders -- Rosin dust-resistant bow ribbons with Stradivari "Sunrise" inlay motif -- Cherrywood burl trim -- Photo retaining ribbons -- Musafia hygrometer - humdifier system with new, highly effective Dimus II multi-filament humidifier -- Padded blanket and string tube -- Two carrying straps for normal and backpack use, including rugged through-bolted carrying strap attachments -- Oversized, comfortable leatherette padded handle -- Subway handle -- Sekur™ double-action safety lock

Lifetime warranty; maintenance service and replacement parts always available.

Options and accessories

Personalized brass engraved nameplate. Protecta System™. Additional frame reinforcement. Tropicalization™. WeatherGuard™ valance-and-groove closure. PressurePorts™. Waterproofing. Larger music pocket. Hidden pocket for documents. SuperSilk interior lining. Thermometer. Electronic thermo-hygrometer. Accessory box illumination with high-output, low drain L.E.Ds. (illuminates two compartments). Bow tip cushions. Alcantara shell lining. Screw-attached electronic A-440 tuner. CaseCaddy™ music stand/umbrella pouch. Soft satin pillow blanket. Padded carrying strap.