Musilia M6 Carbon Fiber Cello Case - M6 Series

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Musilia M6 Carbon Fiber Cello Case - M6 Series vc-msl6$2,385.00

New technologies and carbon forming processes allow Musilia to produce a line of carbon fiber cases that will withstand the rigors of travel and protect valuable instruments from damage in even the most stressful situations.

The M6 is designed for use with larger patterned cellos like the Montagnana.


* Constructed of lightweight carbon fiber * Fully suspended interior * Adjustable bottom pads to customize the fit of your cello * Injected foam suspension cushion to secure cello's shoulder and neck heel * Watertight valance so the edge seals and lines up easier when closing * Neck strap and security strap for the scroll * One removable pocket for accessories * Two bow holders * Latches, handles, and strap adjusters are all designed to reduce noise * Can be configured for either shoulder or backpack use

Interior dimensions

* 52.25 inches long * 16 inches wide at the upper bout * 20 inches wide at the lower bout

Weight : 7.7 pounds