Musafia Master Series Auruem - Leather Exterior

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T H E - M O S T - P R E S T I G I O U S

In the NEW "Aureum" version (pronounced OW-rey-um, means "golden" in Latin), the interior is lined in finest Italian silk velvet, satin, and glove-quality leather and with solid brass detailing

Other characteristcs like the Master Series Exclusive. Available also for viola (cod. 4021P) with the interior tailored to the individual instrument

The Master Series is the Musafia case for the most discerning musician, ordered by some of the world's most famous artists for their precious antique instruments, including the famed 1715 Stradivari "ex-Joachim - Cremonese" owned by the City of Cremona and the 1742 Guarneri del Gesù "the Cannon" once owned by Paganini. Owners of this model include many of the world's greatest soloists and the concertmasters of many major orchestras worldwide.

The frame of the case is reinforced for added safety of delicate instruments (supplemental reinforcement is optional), the interior has multiple accessory boxes and the thick padding follows the shape of the violin. The case also features olive wood inlay accents (dart-shaped cases excluded) and leather handle, oversized to facilitate carrying the case with gloves in cold weather. Complete with all the other professional features of the Musafia Luxury Model.

Six-layer laminate is used for the frame with the Continuum High Tensile™ method, which is designed to support a load of 100kg (220lbs) without deformation. The case cover is made out of practical Cordura® nylon, tested for long-term resistance to sun rays and weathering on a California roof-top.

Most metal parts are gold-laminated for resistance to corrosion.